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  1. Your Team: St. Louis Rams Let's get this draft started! Current Pick: Round 1 Pick 1 Team: Rams (received from HOU) Pick traded from Houston Texans to St. Louis Rams. Details: HOU receives the following picks: Round 1 Pick 2 (2) (STL), Round 1 Pick 13 (13) (STL), Round 2 Pick 12 (44) (STL), Round 3 Pick 11 (75) (STL), Round 4 Pick 10 (106) (STL), Round 5 Pick 13 (141) (STL), Round 6 Pick 12 (172) (STL), Round 7 Pick 11 (203) (STL), 2015 Round 1 Pick (STL), 2016 Round 1 Pick (STL) STL receives the following picks: Round 1 Pick 1 (1) (HOU) St. Louis Rams select Matt Yoklic, P from Pi
  2. for anyone who played the game and is interested, the draft simulator is currently interactive with the draft. well as good as it can be i guess, as far as updates and **** nevermind, it's way too slow. although perhaps it can catch up after the 1st, and then you can draft the remaining rounds or whatever work in progress. i think it can be good in the future
  3. the game has a ton of flaws, but it's fun as hell, in a "what if" kind of universe. i've must have done about 100+ drafts so far, with all 32 teams, it's a great time killer at work. although, the website has done a bunch to fix certain problems, and is constantky trying to improve it. send a message with any suggestions, because they're open to it. if they can hash it all out, this site could become huge, because i loooooooooove this sort of ****. one of the main reasons why i love madden franchise mode. (at least until 2013's atrocity came out)
  4. this thread always makes me feel better
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