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Brocos busted?


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But I keep reading reports that they're spending $100M this year.

Now, when WE did that, it guaranteed bad chemistry, a decade of cap hell, a losing season, and bad breath. Nobody seems to be predicting the same thing for them.

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Think about it... how many of those experts knew that Norv was a terrible headcoach? Shanahan(sp) at least has proven he can win a Superbowl. Norv did not. I do agree that the media does not like the Skins. But I think when you have a "good" owner and good headcoach they will give you some extra slack.


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First, the article was dated March and updated july 31.

It doesn't seem very accurate now. For example the skins have only 450,000 after dumping peeon and getting 3.5 mil from his salary?

Second, even though they may have "spent 100 Million", a lot of it could be back loaded, leaving the cap space this year and destroying it next year or the year after.

[edited.gif by Montilar on August 05, 2001.]

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Are they attempting to buy a SuperBowl?

The shame of it they should not do something so despicable that Danny attempted to do last year and was slammed unmercifully for last year.


Take a sip of the Marty Kool Aid and Believe

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to me the Broncos have taken on a group of veterans with questionable work habits and injury questions. Perhaps their gambit will pay off but right now you go down their roster and there are impressive names, but names that went with effective players FOUR and FIVE years ago.

Lee Woodall? Leon Lett? Chester McGlockton? Eric Davis? Tyrone Poole? Steve Beuerlein? Eddie Kennison? Jay Leeuwenburg?

That's a long list of guys who either have hit the wall, become backups late in their careers, have been out with chronic injuries or were released by other teams with no interest in re-signing them.

Right now, the Broncos are #4 on my AFC depth chart behind Baltimore, Tennessee and the Raiders. They may be a step ahead of the Colts who still don't have a defense.

But, except for Denard Walker they didn't add anyone in the offseason that to me is in their prime and on top of their game.

The hopes for this team rest with over the hill players and others such as Griese and Terrell Davis that are proving to be very brittle in the NFL.

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