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Bears game wish list....


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I was making out my X-Mas list for my family and decided to provide one for the game tonight.

Coach Gibbs/Saunders - touchdowns in the redzone, 24+ points, no time-outs used until the end of the game, good clock mgmt, no turn-overs and don't sit on a lead

Coach Williams - safeties lined up in the field of play, 3 sacks and 2 interceptions

Coach Smith - blocking for Rock to run one back, kick away from Hester and a turn-over

Special note to Mr. Snyder - get Casserly on your staff. I don't care what you call him, just call him. He seems to like you and the organization!


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Thats a good wish list. I wish that Saunders could use some of those big plays in that 700 page playbook that gave him his claim to fame. I wish that the D could get pressure like they used to on hte QB and get some sacks and turn overs. I wish that our line holds up and opens holes for the RB's and keeps Cambell off the ground. And Cambell, if you get hit, hold on to the ball! I think we will do great tonight despite that limited time to prepare. Can you say WILD CARD!

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Hah...wish list...isn't it the same for every game and every team?

Offense: 250+ yards passing, 2+ TD's 0 INT's, 100+ yards rushing, 2 TD's

Defense: 0 points, 2+ INT's, 1+ Fumbles forced

I want to see no turnovers by us, lots of turnovers by them. Lots of yards by us, few by them, lots of points by us, few by them.

That has been my wish list since I've been watching football and it has happened maybe 2-3 times ever with this team...

It happens like every other week in New England and Indy though. F'n spoiled fans. :)

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