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  1. Fight for ole DC

    Poll : Source of Massive Injuries the last 2 years

    Too many "veteran days off". There are some players who rarely put in a full week of practice.
  2. Bad play calling. Once again, giving the ball back with too much time left. Gruden will never learn.
  3. Fight for ole DC

    Fun With Eli's Drunk Pic

    It's that time of year. Thanks for the bump. Love this thread.
  4. Fight for ole DC

    Rich Tandler has died

    RIP, Rich. You will be missed. Let's pound Dallas this week in his honor.
  5. Fight for ole DC

    Game Day Thread - Redskins VS Pink Panthers

    We have an RB averaging 6.7 YPC. 3 straight possessions with a 1st down inside Carolina territory (two with less than 2-minutes left in half). 10 straight pass plays called. 2 Punts, and a turnover on downs. This is what drives me crazy. Run the damn football!!!
  6. Fight for ole DC

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Saints

    We stopped them on their first two drives. But penalty flags kept both drives alive. Game over after that. This team can't play well from behind. I think the commentators said we haven't scored a third quarter touchdown in nine games. NINE GAMES WITH NO 3RD QUARTER TOUCHDOWNS. This is shocking, if true. That falls on the coaches. Â
  7. Fight for ole DC

    Redskins vs Colts Prediction Thread: Will the Redskins "Luck" Out?

    Good game for another Kerrigan pick six on a quick pass. We need to play with a lead so the running game can get going again. I don't see JG sticking to the run if we're playing from behind. If we play in bad weather I think we can run it 4o+ times and pound them with our o-line. Keep luck on the sideline with long drives. Redskins win 26-16.
  8. Fight for ole DC

    Redskins vs Cardinals Prediction Thread: 2018 Kick-Off Spectacular

    Make sure you drink plenty of water/electrolytes. The dry heat here can really dehydrate you quickly. It's hard to notice since sweat evaporates so quickly in the heat so keep the fluids flowing. You'll feel better. Just a little advice for the visitors. Enjoy the game. I'll be watching from home this time.
  9. Fight for ole DC

    Brand Decline

    Me too. I expected to read about how a miscalculated business decision ruined a successful brand. The Redskins brand will never decline in my eyes. Fan for Life!!! HTTR
  10. Fight for ole DC

    Redskins vs Cardinals Prediction Thread: 2018 Kick-Off Spectacular

    Must stop the run and make them one-dimensional. Bradford lacks mobility. Get pressure up the middle and make Bradford move. Need to take crowd out of game. Play ball control and get the running game going. 27-17...…..HTTR! HTTR
  11. Fight for ole DC

    NFL Press Release: Fact Sheet - Use of the Helmet

    It will be very interesting to see the number of penalties for/against any given team relative to other teams. I predict teams like Dallas and the Giants will have much better numbers than the Redskins, particularly in games in which we play each other.
  12. Fight for ole DC

    Welcome to the Washington Redskins Derrius Guice RB LSU

    Seems like the kind of kid that does not make a good first impression on people but once you get to know them you realize they are a good person that's a little rough around the edges. Never a good idea to judge a book by the cover, I guess.
  13. Fight for ole DC

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    Does Bruce Allen get to call the Mr. Irrelevant pick?
  14. Fight for ole DC

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    When I view the R3 pick with a short-term lens (win this year) it seems like a questionable pick. Looking through a long-term lens the pick makes much more sense after watching some video. The kid can move very well for a big man.
  15. Fight for ole DC

    Welcome to the Washington Redskins Derrius Guice RB LSU

    Welcome to the Redskins! HTTR