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  1. +1. My family had just moved to Woodbridge, VA and I became a fan watching the same game. My Dad was in the military so I moved often but my love for the Redskins has followed me. HTTR
  2. Too many "veteran days off". There are some players who rarely put in a full week of practice.
  3. It's that time of year. Thanks for the bump. Love this thread.
  4. Seems like the kind of kid that does not make a good first impression on people but once you get to know them you realize they are a good person that's a little rough around the edges. Never a good idea to judge a book by the cover, I guess.
  5. Thanks Redskins for a great ride this season.... from a life-long loyal fan. HTTR!

  6. Well deserved, impressive result for MNT in Germany.
  7. I rode down Vail Pass in Colorado on the bike trail to Edwards. It was spring so the streams and rivers were flowing. Even saw a waterfall or two above Vail. It was and amazing ride I highly recommend. Even saw deer and a few hardcore riders going up the hill. The gondola at Vail takes bikers and hikers up the mountain during Summer. I did it once with my mountain bike and rode down the mountain. This is another great treat for anyone who has never been to Vail in the summer. Ride down in the morning and have lunch in Vail.
  8. Yes! Thanks....I was looking for this thread but had no luck with the ES Search.
  9. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: He'd have to be really drunk to touch that.......:puke:
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