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9:30 Club money problems, help?


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So I just tried to order a ticket to a show at the 9:30 Club. I don't have a mailbox (I have a PO Box), and my billing address is my home address, so they wouldn't let me order a ticket. It kept saying my credit card info was invalid.

So I tried a few more times, putting in my info and resubmitting and changing a few things. It kept saying my info was invalid so I finally just gave up and closed the window.

Then I check the balance in my checking account, and I'm out 200 dollars. I was charged for like 8 tickets! I NEVER got a confirmation email or anything.

Will I get my money back? Is this just a processing thing, or do I have to call someone and sort it all out?

I'm terrible with stuff like this, someone help me out.

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If its a credit card and you think its a wrong transaction you need to get in touch with your card company asap and speak to them about the payment and the story behind it. You should have a customer call centre number for the card.

Check with the 9.30 too and ask them if they have a record of payment at their end and get some confirmation on paper whether its yes or no.

I'm in the UK but over here people would be suspicous of someone using a PO Box number for a credit card transaction. The fact it doesnt relate to a recognised home or company address people will immediately think it could be an attempt at credit fraud with an illegal card. You should speak to your card company about that too.

Do it a.s.a.p!!!

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