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2nd half COMEBACKS.....


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Yes - By now we ALL know the skins have blown 13 half time leads since 2004...

But I had a little time today - So I present to you the 7 2nd half COMEBACKS....

2005 - 3 Times

We all know the Monday Night Miracle.... But at half time, the game was still close. Cowboys had a 3-0 nothing led, before Skins came back to win 14-13

Remember that final game against the Eagles? Win and your in. Started off slow, down 17-10 at the half, but a few adjustments and we win 31-20

2006 - 2 times

4th game of the year, record of 1-2, we need to get going. Down 17-13 to the Jags, our offense finally kicks in and win in OT with Moss's great catch and run in overtime 36-30 (I thought we were going to be ok after that....)

Still clinging to the hopes of a playoff birth and JC's first home game, we take on the Panthers. They were winning 6-3. No worries - Chris Cooley would catch and run over a defender to win the game 17-13

2007 - twice

Sure the Dolphins are 0-9 now.... But opening day is always a tough game. We were loosing 7-3 at half before the jitters wore off and we won the game in OT 16-13

Ok - I know - the Jets suck. But they returned the opening KO for a TD and we were all scared being down 17-9 at the half. It took us to OT, but we still won, 23 -20....

So what does that mean? I have no idea. 2nd half comebacks are a way of life. It happens, for us - Since 2004 we have lost 13 but won 7. I wish we never lost them, but we also do comeback sometimes!

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What I'm saying is that we don't always JUST blow leads. Sometimes we come back and capture the lead.

We are all so frustrated because once we have a lead, or captutre a lead we can't seem to increase it or hold onto it. Thus, another heart wrenching should a, would a, could a, loss. :mad: :mad: :(:(

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Keepin it positive. :)

Yes, the combacks are as often as the blown leads. All young teams/QB's have growing pains. We'll get through em,.

I'm not sure that our team would be classified as young. We do have young players at some key positions but overall we are one of the older teams in the league. With that said, ALL teams have some growing pains. Young and old.

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