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Little nuggets I thought were interesting. On Brad Johnson versus Shawn King.....

Despite some whispers that Johnson hasn't shown enough to dethrone the King, Tony Dungy nevertheless will pin his hopes on the newcomer. The real question here is whether the babes along the Bucs' offensive line will keep Brittle Brad alive long enough to unload the ball. The reality is that Dungy might not have to make a decision after all; a crazy defensive end might make it for him when one of Johnson's legs goes snap, crackle and/or pop.

And here, on George versus Banks......

You can almost smell the irony in D.C. Marty Schottenheimer basically has thrown every single job on the team up for grabs, but he's insisting that there isn't, and won't be, a quarterback controversy, even though Banks looked great in his debut with the Skins. It's an easy call for the coach to make when the games don't count. But if George's ailing shoulder or his aging legs become an issue, the man who leapfrogged the quarterback who's now in Tampa will lose his job to the guy who was leapfrogged last year by a quarterback who used to be in Tampa. Stop the ride or give us a barf bag.

Neither point is very good information. But, speculation is fun to talk about too.

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Every single position is up for grabs, huh? By my count it's actually only:





WR #2





That's not even half of the starting positions. I just love exaggerations.


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How could Dungy NOT pin his hopes on Johnson? They paid all that money to make a change at QB. To play King and bench Johnson BEFORE he's had a chance to screw up in the regular season smile.gif would cost him his job. I don't think he has Bill Cowher disease.

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don't fault the guy for coloring his speech a little. The kind of competition marty is offering around here is higher than on any other team. Maybe that's because we have a lot of new guys, but marty is on the record saying that competetition brings out the best. But he then does a 180 on the QB issue. I think the writer is correct to question "WTF?"

George played no better than Husak and Husak is being shown the door. Why isn' george threatened a little?


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George isn't threatened because his poor play can be attributed to injury and lack of repetition. It's not like George has been starting in camp everyday and then comes out in the third preseason game and goes 2-7. That's the first real gametime action he's seen since last year, and essentially the first time he's thrown the ball to against an opposing team not wearing burgundy as well. Now... if he comes out tomorrow night and plays with the same tentativeness and results, well....the questions are a bit more valid.

Let's let the guy get a rhythm with the starters before we try to send him out of town with his head on a stick.

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Marty's playing it smart. QB contros are not good for a team and its cohesiveness.

Seems like we only have a few spots left like stated before, except WR2, Center, and FB have been decided.


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