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A Marty basher?

Die Hard

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An interesting take on the whole affair, and I certainly concur when it comes to Marty's "bootlicking assistants". However, I think Kurt ended up doing a good job on defense, although how much of that was Marty's doing I don't know.

Well, it's onward into the future at this point.

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(This same article is referenced in a thread below. Here's the response I put there).

Not that I think Mr Whitlock actually cares about this minor distinction, but:

Deion signed a contract to play football for 7 years. (He didn't really expect to play 7 years, but he did sign such a contract). Then he deliberatly went out of his way to try to get fired, because he wanted to go somewhere else and play football there.

Marty signed a contract to be in charge of the Redskins for 5 years, and was fired for failing to change the contract when his boss wanted to. If you wanted to be very blunt, you could say he was fired for refusing to allow Dan Snyder to go back on his word. (It's not quite that simple, of course. What Dan actually tried to do was more of a re-negotiation. But notice that term is often shortened to "reneg").

Yeah, I do suspect that some of the things Marty did in the begining of his term, were done strictly to show the world that he could. (And that doesn't seem very professional to me).

I also think that a case could be made that Marty wasn't fired because his boss was displeased, but was fired so Dan could take advantage of an unexpected opportunity. (Consider when we drafted Smoot: I bet we had another name penciled in to be picked in round 2. But, when a guy you almost picked in round 1, is still there in round 2, then you abort whatever plan you had, and take the gift. It could be painted that hiring Spurrier was, to Dan, a similar opportunity. "No complaints, Marty, and I hope you do well, but this is a chance I've been waiting for for years".) At least it could be spun that way.

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