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Dell 630 or a Lenovo T61?


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I have a Dell Latitude 620 that my employer provided me. Man, its a sweet little laptop. 1000% better than the Dell laptop I bought 7 years ago. Built more solidly, no glitches, just a beautiful laptop.

I'd go with the Dell based on my experience, but confess I know nothing about the Lenovo.

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My brother is an IT consultant for Booz Allen out in Mclean, VA and they gave him a Lenovo T60 (I think). He does not like it, and much prefers his old Compaq laptop he had at another job.

I also work in IT and I'm using a Dell Inspiron 6400 which I think is fantastic. One of the consultants that I work with on a weekly basis just got a new Dell XPS M1330 which he loves--it has an HD LED screen and 160GB HDD. You can also get new Dells with a solid state HD, but I think right now they max out at 32GB. Very fast, though.

I would stick with a good Dell machine, in my small experience with Lenovo's they have gone downhill since Lenovo took the reigns over IBM, but take that as you will.

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