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Do you believe in curses? (humor sort of)


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I have been to four redskins games in my life starting last year. I have yet to see a winning game. My first real game was against the falcons last year and we all know how that turned out. the whole time I we were playing yesterday my mind was on the game we lost to the falcons last season. We came out blazing and then fell apart on both occasions. I am either picking the wrong games to attend or I am a jinx to the team. The next game I have tickets too is the game against the cardinals on the 21st, If we lose that game feel free to run me from the board. :D I just want to be able to attend one winning game, I think the atmosphere in the stadium after a win must feel phenominal. I want to be able to experience that. When we were doing good yesterday the noise from the crowd gave me chills. to anyone who has attended a game we have won, how does it feel?

HTTR :point2sky :gaintsuck

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