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Was spencer penalised on the Eli injury ?


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When Spencer(93) pulled Eli down in the sack was he penalised because that looked like a BAD tackle. He appeared to wrenche Elis none thowing arm around when throwing him down to the floor but more importantly looked to be pulling him down from behind in a horse collar type move (both hands inside Manning shoulders brought down from behind) - though i remember QB are not covered by this rule ...

He also showed his class (Spencer) by finishing the play walking his knee into the fallen QBs head... nothing serious but still...

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Earlier in the game, I was looking at how loose the sleeves were on Eli's blouse, and I thought to myself, "Self, has anybody ever tackled Eli by his sleeves?"

There's a certain kind of justice to it. Like Troy Polamalu getting tackled cuz he's too ****ing stupid to cut his hair. Makes me think there is some order to the universe, y'know?

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