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A rabbi and a priest walk into an airport, and wanted to get some tickets to go to Pittsburgh for a church event.

So, while the priest waited on a bench, the rabbi went to go and get the tickets. As he walked over to the service counter, the woman waiting at the service counter happened to have huge jugs. The rabbi started to get very nervous and when the woman said, “Can i help you sir?” he couldn’t say anything.

Finally, he was able to muster the words, “C-c-could I-I-I g-get two pickets to Titsburgh???” After he realized what he said, he felt horrible! As he returned to the bench where the priest was, the priest asked the rabbi where the tickets were. After telling the priest what had happened and how horrible he felt, the priest said, “It’s ok, everyone gets nervous sometimes, just sit here on this bench and I will get the tickets.”

So, then the priest went up and he asked the women very calmly, “Could I please get two tickets to Pittsburgh?”

After geting his tickets she said, “That will be 47 dollars sir” So, the priest gave her a fifty dollar bill. After this he said, “Oh, could you please give me my change in nipples and dimes?”

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