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Coach Bob Stoops?


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I offered up Bob Stoops name as a potential DC candidate when Marvin was looking as a sure thing to be gone. I figured he'd be a good fit with SOS even though he didn't have pro experience. At least I figured it would be good to have a guy that wouldn't be leaving to be a head coach any time in the near future.

Then today I see he's mentioned as a candidate for the head job in Dallas in the same sentence as the Tuna, Denny Green, and Norv. Then I also see Coughlin is going to be booted in Jax and the top 2 candidates there are Denny Green and Stoops.

Could this be the end of the recycling of NFL coaching retreads and an influx of more college coaches?

I was thinking the spice it would add to the rivalry if Stoops actually became coach of Dallas. The Ol' Ball Coach vs. his old pal and defensive coordinator and the guy who left UF in shambles by spurning us and staying at OU.

At least today we ended the Dallas jinx and prevented Emmitt from going over 1000 yards. :D

HTTR!!! :cheers:

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I'd be surprised if he does although a lot of Gator/Jags supporters in Jax would probably be supportive since Stoops has a lot of fans in that area.

Jax fans must be pi$$ed knowing they kept Coughlin for an extra year when they could have had Spurrier. :laugh:

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Originally posted by OrangeSkin

I am hoping that Parcells comes to Dallas. He gets even the most abysmal teams on the winning track for a couple years, until he rides out of town, claiming he'll never coach again and leaving the team in shambles.


After he left the Pats they still made the playoffs once or twice before Carroll got the ax and then Bellicheck coaches them to a title.

After he left the Jets, the one year guy misses the playoffs and herm edwards has the Jets in playoffs 2 years in a row.

No, I don't think we want him there. He'll bring the boys back to winning again and after he leaves his successor keeps thw winning ways.

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