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My heart is in my throat right now!!!!

Tom [Giants fan]

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I don't want to have to wait and see if the Saints lose to the Panthers tomorrow. The Giants must win now!!!! I haven't been this nervous about a Giants game in a long time. I have to admit, after they lost to the Texans and Titans back to back to go 6-6, I didn't see the Giants playing a meaningful game for the playoffs this year. Now I am a nervous wreck.

LET'S GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!

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I don't blame you Tom, I hate having to wait for other teams to lose to see if you will make the playoffs. I can remember that a couple of times in the Joe Gibbs Era. Once we had to pull for the Cowboys to beat the 49ers. :puke: It took a lot for me to cheer for the Boys.

Also 1997 was painful, a typical Norval year a 5-2 start and finishing @ 8-7-1. We won our season finale and had to wait for the NY Jets / Detriot to see if we made the post season.

The one that sticks in my head is 1992, we lost the Eagles in the vet on the final game of the season. The next day we had to hope the Viks beat the Pack to see if we made the playoffs. The Viking came through and we went to Minnesota in the first round of the Playoffs and beat them convincingly. Kind of funny "Hey Vikings thanx for helping us make the playoffs, now it is time to kick you a$$es!" :laugh:

It is better to take care of business then have to scoreboard watch! :doh:

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Like them or not, you have to give the Giants credit for their season after EVERYONE (myself included) picked them to finish in the cellar.

The G-men aren't the best team in the league, but they RARELY underachieve. Fassel does a good job with what he has.

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