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Met Nick Young and Dominic Mcguire last night


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So i decide to go out last night and unfortunately i wait too long to begin my night so by the time I get into DC the clubs are all to capacity. I'm standing out front of club Lotus where even females were not being let in. But the abundance of female bystanders of course attracted and abundance of male bystanders. Anyways, my friend who is pretty deep into the the whole club promotion thing tells us to follow him to the front so he can talk to one of the bouncers to see if there is any way we can get let in. As we are walking up I see the bouncer tellin a bunch of guys all over 6' that they were at capacity and they couldn't get in. When those guys turn around thats when i realized who they were. Young and Mcguire the wizards #1 and #2 draft picks. As they were walking away i said "hey fellas, don't worry it'll all change soon, welcome to DC!" they both smiled and said "thanks man". I thought it was pretty cool to not only see them but to see them out together.

But wait theres more. This is more of a food for thought type of thing. So basicly we couldn't get in. so as a last resort we go to love, i have family ties there so we can always get in no matter what. anyways we get in and go to the vip and who guess who i see? AMARE STOUDEMIRE. I went up to him and said "what up Amare, what you doin in DC?" he just smiled and said "maybe somethin' maybe nothin'" i smiled back and said "well aight man i hope its somethin', have a good time tonight". My question to you is, what the hell do you guys think he was talkin about? Could we really be bring Amare to the WIZ?

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