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How did we do in the NFC East?


Who knows more about our defense, me or our coaches.  

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  1. 1. Who knows more about our defense, me or our coaches.

    • I know more. I understand what we're calling and how it works.
    • The coaches know more. Obviously. I may have erred in my thinking as to what our weakness was.

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With all the discussion about what we did with the draft I wanted to point out what the other teams did and how we now match up. Lets start with the Pukes....

Romo sits to pee, Jones, TO, Glenn, Crayton, and Whitten....Did they forget to draft on the offensive side of the ball, because we didn't forget to pick up Fletch to stuff Jones, Springs and Rogers to match up with TO and Glenn, and now either Landry or ST to smother Whitten while the other comes off the corner.


Eli, Jacobs, Burress, Moss, Toomer, Smith ®, and Shockey. The pick up of Smith was a good move for them, but are they really going to be able to rely on Brandon Jacobs to bail Eli out every game? I don't see how they didn't pick up a back in the draft. Landry and Fletcher help our match up's like crazy against these guys with spring and rogers over burress and toomer with landry over top.


Mcnabb, Westbrook, Tony Hunt ®, Brown, Curtis, and LJ. How did they not pick up a Wide Receiver? Sure Mcnabb and Westbrook eat us apart every year, but again we brought in Fletcher for this and now we can afford to have Landry cover Westbrook out of the backfield.

I really do think that this offseason we addressed our match up problems in the NFC East on defense and you can't be upset about that. How can anybody say that the Eagles drafted better than us when they clearly forgot to address their biggest need at wide receiver.

Looking back at this offseason, I'm happy with the low tone and match up selections we made.

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I liked the Giants draft but didnt think much of the other two. Ross is a good corner, he's fast enough to match up with Moss and ARE. Smith could eventually be the wideout that replaces Toomer, not Sinorice. Shaw is a solid DT as well.

Eagles...liked how they got Hunt, and Abiamiri gives them another speed rusher, but thats about it. The rest of their picks I either had never heard of (Bradley) or were from small programs (Kolb, pretty much everyone from day two).

The best part about Dallas's draft was getting Cleveland's #1 pick next year, which will most likely be in the top 5, or at worst the top 10. Trading 3 picks to a division rival for a position I wouldn't consider their biggest hole didnt make sense to me, but oh well.

One team whose draft I really liked but no one talked about much was Arizona.

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