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On the ESPN NFL page I find very it interesting how the media influences the readers. The poll asked how long will it take Spurrier to make the Redskins a playoff team. almost 50 percent of the voters chose the answer "When Snyder sells the team". One, I find it interesting that ESPN would even make that a choice. I guess they think they are funny, and two, why the majority of people would even select that as their answer.

Dan Snyder will always be the evil one. Even if he was to win a Super Bowl or Two, heck, even make the playoffs, it wont matter. The damage has been done.

I am a Snyder supporter. I know that how he is portayed by the anti-redskin media is mostly blown out of proportion and even untrue. The sad thing is everybody believes them.

My son, a sorta-redskins fan who lives in Jacksonville, has his opinions about the Redskins but they always involve Snyder and his ineptness as an owner. Why? Because the media has made him believe so. He couldn't even name any previous owners of the Redskins, nor I doubt he could name any other owner of any other team. Much like any average NFL fan.

Why ESPN would make this an option on their poll as responsible journalists kind of pisses me off. But why people would choose this as an overwhelming answer is just totally unjustified.

I am officially joining the "eff the Media" club.

[edited.gif by MarkPSkins on January 15, 2002.]

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mark...i wouldn't think twice about it. in fact, i'ld gird myself for worse cuz it's going to be a wild ride before the spurrier system takes hold. the press, especially sports reporters, are entertainers first and foremost. they aren't there for reasoned, deep analysis or earth-shattering originality. moreover, they have to fill space at the same time dozens of others are covering the same mundane issues.

think about the pyschology of it also - with all due respect to any reporters who visit this board - they are not doers. they report what others are doing. this is vicarious and derivative at best. i suppose in the right circumstances sports reporters ferret out "the truth" and that this is a valuable service. but, as stated, entertainment is the first priority not serving the truth (if there is even any room for that in sports anyway).


looking through a glass onion

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the fact remains that for all the missteps and gaffes that have occurred here in the past 3 years that Snyder has owned the team (some his and some other people's) the fact remains the team's record during that time is 26-22.

Not a great record. Not worthy of the promises that were made. Definitely not worth the rise in ticket prices and other inflated costs at the stadium.

But this franchise is not in free fall. It is not a 1-15 basket case like the Panthers who went with a solid football man in George Seifert the past 4 years. It is not the 1-15 Lions who ended up putting a broadcaster in the role of GM and Team President. And the team is not the Dallas Cowboys that have finished 5-11 the past two seasons and have yet to cash in on their record because of the ill-fated trade of 2 #1 picks for Joey Galloway.

No, the Redskins are not the Rams or the Ravens of the past 3 years. But they are far from being a legitimate target for derision either, based on the final results.

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Guest fuji869

That is just the way it is with the Redskins, I have lived all over the United States and the Skins are not a well liked team outside of our own fanbase. I have meet people that are not even fans of NFC East teams that dislike the Redskins for some unknown reason.

Oh well at least I know our fans base is still there and strong with the diehard Supporters. That is all that matters to me!!!!! cheers.gif

[edited.gif by fuji869 on January 15, 2002.]

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Under Snyder, the Redskins have the perception of being another New York Yankees type team that is a big fish in the pond. No one ever warms up to that image.

You add in the fact the team hasn't responded to the additional hype by being successful and that is a double whammy.

Meanwhile, Walsh and Mariucci have recast the 49ers from being salary-cap criminals to media darlings again in 3 years. smile.gif

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