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What Drives LaRon Landry


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I found this on NFLPlayers.com:


LaRon Landry, Safety, LSU

Landry is one of a dozen NFL prospects we will be profiling leading up to the NFL Draft. Be sure to check back daily with NFLPLAYERS.COM for coverage on the remaining top players expected to make a big impact in the NFL next season.

2006 First-Team All-American; 2006 First Team All-SEC; 2006 Thorpe Award Semifinalist

Played in 52 career games for the Tigers, starting 48 times

Registered 315 career tackles, 12 interceptions, 40 passes defensed and eight sacks

Led LSU in total tackles as a freshman in 2003, in 2004 and again in 2006


Your brother Dawan started 14 regular season games as a rookie safety for the Baltimore Ravens last year and recorded five interceptions and three sacks. Do you have any pressure to surpass his accomplishments? I come from a real competitive background having grown up with two brothers. So we're always going to compete. I will compete with what Dawan did last year, but most of all I'm just trying to get into the NFL and help out whichever team that I can. So I'm really looking forward to giving my all to help the team, however my coach wants me to.

Do people often try to compare you and Dawan, and do you feel that is unfair? It's not unfair. We grew up that way. That's what pushes me to compete even harder. Not just with my brothers, but it helps me have that edge against my opponents because I'm always driven to do my best.

You're often described as a very intense player on the field. Are you the same way off of it? I'm a different person off the field. I'm a lot more personable and try to do things in the community. I often visit my old high school and talk to the kids who aren't doing so well grade-wise. I tell them they have potential to go to college and be great athletes if they get their grades up. I also get involved with charitable activities whenever I can. Additionally, I like to spend time with family and friends, and when my schedule allows it, I like to travel and see new things. But I know how to turn the switch on and off when it comes to dealing with day-to-day things compared to being a competitor on the field.

How would your family and friends describe you? The first thing they would say is that I'm a competitor. I give 110 percent effort all the time no matter what it is. I would also likely be described as a loveable, dependable and trustworthy guy, who is willing to help anybody.

You were a four-year starter at LSU, a very strong and competitive program. Do you feel that experience has molded you into a leader? I can be a vocal leader at times depending on the situation, but for the most part I try to lead by example and get my teammates to match my intensity.

What makes you standout from the other safeties entering the NFL Draft? I believe I'm the total package. I can cover from sideline to sideline, play the middle of the field and come up the hash. My versatility lets me handle man-to-man coverage and go into the box and play the run. I'm not afraid to take on pulling guards and I love to tackle. I read the run very well and communicate with my teammates well, often helping to get them in the right position. Most of all, I feel like I make all the players around me better.

How tough do you envision the transition as a dominant safety in college entering the NFL, where every player is among the best of the best? I'm going to try and do what I've been doing to get here which is work hard. I never look at myself as being better than anybody else, but I do try to dominate my opponent and maintain a swagger of one who won't miss any tackles. As long as you give 110 percent effort and hustle to the ball everything should work out fine. I'm heading into the NFL with the approach of playing with that 110 percent effort and working well with my teammates.

Do you see yourself more as an instinctive type of player or a student of the game that studies a lot of film? I try to be both. Being a safety, I have to be instinctive out on the field and I feel that I am. But I spend a lot of time preparing for a game. I watch a ton of film on my opponent and myself, and I feel that's really important.

Several mock drafts have you slotted as a top-10 draft pick, so where will you be when the draft begins at noon on April 28? I'm going to be at home with my family on draft day, enjoying the moment with them. Both of my brothers will probably be there, as well as close cousins, my grandmother, aunts and uncles and my parents. But mostly close family.


I guess if we draft him, he will not be making a helicopter ride to Fed Ex to greet the fans, he will be at his family party, just like Sean Taylor did.

Here are a couple other pics.





and a high school pic. :laugh:


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Thunder and Lightning in the Defensive Backfield?

Could you imagine the opposing WR's alligator arms coming across the middle. Good lawd!

...this post has been illegally copied from March 2006. As you should know, post-copying is illegal without the expressed written consent of the Adam Archuleta Is Our Future At Safety Foundation, co-signed by the Hell, Anyone Can Cover Wide Receivers For Twenty Seconds At A Time Society. Do not pass go, do not collect your free Archuleta jersey.

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I'm a different person off the field. I'm a lot more personable and try to do things in the community. I often visit my old high school and talk to the kids who aren't doing so well grade-wise. I tell them they have potential to go to college and be great athletes if they get their grades up. I also get involved with charitable activities whenever I can.


This sounds like something that some players only do when they get hit over the head by the league. If we dont pick up a big body to fill the DL, I wanna see Landry in B&G.

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I love the interview and everything I have seen and read on this guy... i just worry about his coverage skills because I dont know how great he is in coverage.... I wouldnt be upset if we were to pick him... I would worry that he will be the second coming of Archuleta....hopefully the team will scout everything out good before they make the pick...

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I like Landry a lot.

But as everyone has said, he wont do squat for our d-line. If we dont trade down and pick up Branch as well as a 2nd rounder, I hope we just scoop up Landry at the 6 spot.

BTW, when is VT very own Aaron Rousse supposed to be drafted?

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DONT TAKE ROUSSE!!!! His senior season was a drop off because of his attitude. He wants money and that's all. Let him be. I think he is projected in the 3rd though.

As for Landry, nothing would make me happier than taking him. Nothing.

Is that right?

Good to know. Im one of the ones who value good character.

Anyway, thats too bad because the man can play ball. Is the character thing the reason why his stock has dropped, it must be? I figured he was a late 1st, early 2nd rounder...which would have been nice if we could have traded down and still gotten Branch and then pick up a safety in the second.

This is going to be a long week!

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This is merely a rumor. I thought about it when I saw the title "What drives LL?" and thought someone had stumbled upon the same obscure piece of predraft smear crap we've seen and heard before. I was going to make a new thread about this but I thought it was not that big of a deal. Anyway.

Last weekend I went to Hickory, NC to see a buddy. He told me he wanted to take me to see this bartender friend he'd been hanging out with and was a HUGE football fan. His name is Joe and he works at a sushi bar in Hickory and going to school for sports medicine. He's telling all of these stories how his dad coached at USC in the early eighties(after Gibbs) and how he's the strength and conditioning coach of the Panthers. Turns out it's true. Here he is.....

http://www.panthers.com/Team/CoachBio.aspx?id=1944 He won the Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year in 2003 with the Panthers.

Anyway, Joe says the Panthers are shying away from him because they spoke with one of his childhood doctors that said he was diagnosed as bipolar in his adolescence. Take it for what it's worth, but my immediate reaction was "Well let's make sure to seperate him from his pills on Sunday and it'll be all the better." I'm not sure if this is just predraft smear so he'll fall to the Panthers at 14, but why would he tell his son and then his son tell us a lie? I mean, I'm not the GM of the Redskins or the Falcons. It kinda makes you wonder.

Sorry for the long story but unfortunately here on ES you better bring everything you got each post for fear of ridicule.......though I'll be ridiculed anyway. But hey, at least I didn't start a thread about it!:silly:

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