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Redskins did not overpay for Randle el & Brandon Lloyd


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at first i thought we overpaid for them completely

randle el signed a 7 year 30 mil

lloyd signed 7 year 28 mil

now i was looking though this years WRs signed

Drew Bennett 6 years $30 million

Wes Welker 7 years/$38.5 million by patriots

so looking back we got a good deal on them

because randle el would get $40+ mil contract this year

and lloyd would get $35ish mil

not to mention lloyd and randle el are much younger then bennett and welker.

you are comparing last years market to this years, which is not fair if you think about it, could dockey had he been a FA last year get a 19 m sb, no that is insane, this year teams are paying for the players

plus for Lloyd name me another team that a gave a WR that type deal and all he did was get about 300 yards and no injures, so yes we overpaid for him but not Randle El, at least he can play :silly:

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The deals we offered to ARE and Lloyd were unheard of at this time last year. I am glad to have ARE on the team and hopefully Lloyd grows up, but last offseason we paid them much more than they would have recieved anywhere else. The market this offseason has adjusted accordingly and that is why Bennet and Welker are getting paid. Also, do not forget that the salary cap has increased this year. Prices are relative to the year just like with anything else.

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:doh: You can't be "cereal"! First of all Randle El is not only a VERY good WR, but an excellent return guy. Secondly, while I'm no exactly in Lloyd's corner right now with everything that's been going on, he is still an incredable receiver, capable of making some amazing catches. Just relax and let everbody mesh together. It will come.

A few amazing catches doesn't make up for all the blown plays. What coach Buges (sp?) said about Arrington should also apply to Brandon Lloyd.

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