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PFT : Davis wants $23 million guarenteed


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Again, in honor of Bang's thread. This would be swell if the best FO in the history of sports ratified this deal. Letting a staple on our OL like Dockery go was genius! It would be outstanding to put a guy like Davis who came from one of the worst OL's in football and put him in Dock's place even though he said he wants to play tackle. But, I'm sure once he and Buges have lunch at Chuckie Cheese's they will come out of the doors holding hands and skipping across the parking lot.

Seriously though, I didn't want to see Dock go, but when I saw his deal all I could say was :doh: and realize that there was no way we could pay him even close to that amount. But, can anyone honestly tell me that signing Davis would be a good move? Think about it. The Cards have all of that cap space and a great OL coach in Grimm. Why let him go if he's a decent OL'man?

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POSTED 11:47 p.m. EST, March 3, 2007


Three teams in the NFC East are positioning themselves to possibly sign offensive lineman Leonard Davis. Specifically, the Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins are in the mix for the six-year veteran.

But each team has designs on him at different positions. In New York, he'd likely be the replacement for Luke Petitgout at left tackle. In Washington, Davis would likely step in at left guard for Derrick Dockery, who signed with the Bills on Friday. In Dallas, Davis would be the new right tackle, taking over for Marc Colombo.

Seems to me that the best way for Davis to help the Skins in 07 is to somehow get him to sign with the Giants and play left tackle. Andre Carter can end up with 10 sacks next year in just the two games he'll play against "Bigg Stiff".

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