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Updated Salary Cap


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Ok, here is the explanations for the differences in the cap numbers being reported by myself and others in the media and other boards. This seems to jive with what was posted by JLC on Friday.

Posted by PCinOZ on CPND

Chris Samuels has restructured his contract to have his $3.000m roster bonus guaranteed and spread over the remaining 5 years of his contract.

This means only $600k of that roster bonus will apply in 2007 which saves the Skins $2.4m in cap room this season.

This will help significantly in getting other key FA's signed.

Portis and Patten ($1.0m each), Philip Daniels, Renaldo Wynn and Mark Brunell ($500k each) also have significant roster bonuses that could be guaranteed to help gain some wiggle room under the cap although some of these players could be released prior to the roster bonuses falling due.

{Thanks Adam for the info on Samuels}


This puts us $6.115m under the cap but of course we need to take into account that since this time....

Fox and Fletcher have signed, Sellers and Thomas have extended, and Smoot will probably SIGN A DEAL Saturday sometime - all will affect the number.


The $9m I quoted earlier was on the assumption that John Clayton had his "Washington were $4.3m under the cap" right a week prior to the draft. The only way we could have gotten to that was to gaurantee the roster bonuses. So I assumed that happened - it didn't and Clayton's figures were wrong.

Since then Adam has clarified that some players reached escalators and the Brunell deal was not as friendly as first published in the media.

So we are where we are.


So sorry for the misinformation given out, please take into account that the actual salary cap is guarded and is only a guesstimation on here. As you can tell even the media has to ask insiders to get accurate info.

Now remember we still have plenty of cuts and since the roster bonuses have not been prorated as thought then we still have about 3.5 mil we can save there. Also remember that we expect RT's restructure to save about 2 mil.

So we may actually be where we thought (around 11 mil under without the fletcher and smoot contracts) but officially we are around 6 mil under without the new contracts to sellers, fox, smoot, and fletcher.

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If after all of what has transpired in the last 24 hours, and we are in fact roughly around 6M under the cap, I would have to say Kudos to the skins! This allows one more decent size signing (if need be) as well as lots of depth signings. If we even cut dead weight like Hall, Wynn, etc, then we are in great shape. Shoot, no need to cut those guys now if we don't need the cap money.

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If I was the Skins I would not let out all info on everyone who has restructered let other teams bid low on FAs we are interested in thinking we do not have the cap space to sign.

I really believe Arch should help out a little it would go a long way to showing us all he is a determined winner.

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