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Strickland for Arrington?


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Is there a bigger loser than Rod Strickland? I remember last year when he was waived and CBS Sportsline opined that the Lakers were going to sign him.

I knew there is no way Phil Jackson would have anything to do with Strickland.

He went to a team in Portland that like last year's Redskins just collected names.

At 35 he is done. He can't stay healthy and is at best an off the bench player. No one is going to put up with his garbage for that kind of contribution.

Just read this one line from his agent and you have the entire alibi-laiden BS that has surrounded Strickland's excuse-making for his own conduct:

"While he's trying to get a job with a team, this comes out. It's blatantly unfair," Statham said. Strickland, 35, is a free agent.

Blatantly unfair? How about buying your client an alarm clock so he can make it to practice on time. Maybe by doing that he would have a job already.


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I agree the Lakers would haver never picked up Strickland.Not a bad move picking up Richmond Though.I just wish we would have kept eddie Jones< He would fit well with Phil and the Triangle.This is the best time of year,Watch my beloved skins and then watch the Lakers toy with the rest of the league

[edited.gif by wildbillskins on September 21, 2001.]

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