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Who should I start at WR  

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  1. 1. Who should I start at WR

    • Burress vs Dallas
    • Berrian vs Minn
    • Coles vs GB

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Gotcha Hooterman. However, aren't there franchising fees for national advertising/promotion as well? Again, it would be pretty simple (I think anyway) to simply charge this nationally as an NFL promotion instead of a local team promotion.

In short, where there's a will there's a way and I'd bet there's some Daniel Snyder Jr. somewhere today making the same case about the NFL being a national enterprise and the need to have these promos be accessible for out of town fans.;)

There certainly are national advertising fees, but they generally pay for large scale electronic media like television. If you think about it, why would a franchisee who operates stores in NY that do $2 million in sales per year want to apply any of that money toward a promotion that benefits the minority number of Redskins fans in that market? They want that money to benefit them the most, and that is promoting toward the mass market.

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The cost of this promotion is funded by the local franchise owners in the DC area. It is part of the package they pay as a sponsor.

Franchise owners in Richmond and other locations have no incentive to offer you this same deal. They have promotions of their own that they will honor.

And don't forget, this is only available on Monday. And it is available to anyone in the DC area.

I used the promotion code last Saturday night at the Papa John's in Dunkirk, Calvert County, MD and it worked fine!

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When the Redskins actually go about scoring some touchdowns, Monday is a big day in the D.C. area for buying pizza due to the Papa John's specials tied to touchdowns. After the Niners game last year, a buddy of mine told me they were out of toppings at some stores by noon.

So, here's something for you that may be good in the lean times :).

The Redskins are actually paying attention to suggestions I've made to work with their advertisers and sponsors to get stuff to the fans directly. I'm very encouraged and happy by what they're trying to do. Here's what they've just done.

Order online (www.papajohns.com) one large pizza, with up to 5 toppings for 9.99 using promo code SKINS5TOP. Promotion is valid through 12/31.

This offer is not available anywhere else. The Redskins have a newsletter with deals and they provide deals in other formats, but, this offer is intended for the ES audience.

You must order online. This offer is only for the National Capital Area Papa John's locations, so, I don't get to partake, but many of you in the D.C. area will. With hope, at least a few of you will find this offer worthwhile.



Wow -- are we reduced to having moderators advertise in posts now? How is this FedEx related?

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