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Wii for sale + Zelda Game - $500.00 (Only 1 left!)


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Hey guys, I have a Wii and Zelda game I'm trying to sell (both sold out) for $500.00. I would rather just meet up with someone here (than eBay) or I can even ship it out than deal with the hassels of eBay. (I am a trusted eBayer with over 300 feedback for the paranoid kind )

We can either:

1) Meet in person and exchange Wii for cash or a US Postal Money order

2) You can mail me a US Money Order for the Wii and pay actual shipping charges and I will mail out the unit as soon as payment is received.

Thanks for looking and go 'Skins!

PS. I also am selling a PS3, so go check out my thread for that if you're interested!

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i spent the night outside Best Buy for the Wii, and they had 102 of them. and i was #23. And they said after these 102 were gone. They were gonna get atleast another 200 in a week. So to try to make a profit on a Nintendo system isnt a great idea. Due to the fact that Nintendo is notorious for making plenty of systems when they release it. So im gonna sit here and only have spent $300 for the system and the game

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Saw it reported that there will be 10x as many Wiis as PS3 made available, so i don't really think there will be hard for find.

Call any of your local stores and they will tell you they have zero. Even if they do get a shipment in, by the time you realize it, all the units will be gone

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