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How many time can campell say ya know.


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I think that for his first week in the media spotlight that goes with being the Redskins starting QB, he's doing very well. I agree with this AP article at ESPN:

Campbell realizes that his life has changed forever and that the

patience he's had to teach himself over the past year and a half

will have to pay off in different ways. After talking to reporters

in the parking lot, he walked into Redskins Park and was briefed on

his media obligations for the rest of the week.

For those not used to hearing his voice, he is soft-spoken and

carries himself with a remarkable even-keeled perspective for

someone his age.

Let's just cut him some slack, and enjoy this week, too. Campbell as starting QB is what many of us have been waiting for, so let's just enjoy it, and forget all this hypercritical stuff. Ya know?
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