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How many time can campell say ya know.


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You're absolutely right, ya know. I guess it comes with the territory...being an aftercan-american QB in the league, and to a certain extint, this is only a microcosm of what goes on in society. African-Americans are and will always be held to a higher standard while at the same time placed under the microscope when in a "leadership" position.

Just my 2 cents and no, I'm not calling anyone a racists, just questioning the real "intent" of this thread. :eaglesuck :gaintsuck :dallasuck

SCREW YOU MAN! it could have been anybody and i would have still made this thread

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Anybody else notice in his phone interview thats posted on redskins.com how many times the guy said "ya know" !!!! I just found this funny.

He's from a small town in Mississipi and his Wonderlic wasn't exactly stellar. He's seems to be a sweet/polite guy, but he's not very well spoken. I don't think picking out someones flaw's with regard to speech is important or kind. You want to go further: Steve McNair said it was "intriguing" to play his old team and win....total misuse of the word, but who cares? His curiosity was aroused prior to playing his former team? Was he fascinated? :laugh:

That's Campbell's mentor by the way. Some people grow up in towns with different vernaculars. They say funny things, but they got lots a' blings :D

We can't all sound like we have sticks up our butts. Professors at Harvard make a whole lot less money than football players last I checked :doh: :paranoid: :laugh:


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