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Need Xbox360 Info


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When is the birthday? The best deal these days is from overstock.com. You're best bet is to check Techbargains.com and enter "xbox 360" in the box on the left column to search. Look for the overstock.com listing dated 10/20 and there's a link to activate a 10% coupon that expires on the 31st. If you can wait a bit longer, they'll release a 12% coupon within the next 2 weeks. YOU HAVE TO USE THE LINK TO ACTIVATE THE COUPON. Then add any non video game item to your cart (which you can then remove - disregard this) to see the discount.

EDIE: Scratch that..now you need to keep any non-video game item in the order to receive the 10% off everything. It's probably best to look for something on the cheap if you don't need anything else.

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Just make sure you go with the platinum and not the core system.

$399.99 seems to be the going price.

Thats what I plan on. They want to be able to play old xbox games on it and from what I read the HD is necessary for that.

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