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Who we're missing on Defense


Who should run the show?  

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  1. 1. Who should run the show?

    • Brunell & Rebublicans. Stay the course.
    • Campbell & Democrats. Time for change.
    • Brunell & Democrats. Football/politics don't mix.
    • Campbell & Republicans. Progressive/conservative hybrid.

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Okay, I could wax nostalgic and say we're missing Darrell and Dexter, Charles and Monte, and a host of others, but in this companion thread to who we're missing on Offense I don't think you have to go back as far, because we were a great defense a few eye blinks ago.

Who we're missing is Ryan Clark, Antonio Pierce, and Chris Clemmons.

It's obvious... they actually were supersmart and they really did fight their guts out. All were undrafted should-a-never-beens and played much better than they ever should have and they made everyone else better. Did we have a pass rush from the Dline in Williams first year? No. Did we have significantly better corners? No. Was Arrington even in uniform? We don't need Superman. We need Robin.

The grass is not always greener and sometimes the Herbie really is the best car in the racing field.

So, who are we missing on Defense. Ryan, Antonio, and a slightly less enthusiastic front office, because sometimes in addressing a players deficiencies, you fail to recognize all the strengths they brought to the team.

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We're missing Antonio and Clark, but since we can't whine about the past my suggestion for the future is to bench Andre Carter and start Wynn with Daniels again. At least that way we'll be tougher against the run. I know we paid Carter a lot of money to just be a pass rushing specialist, but at this point we need to at least stop the run. That helped us the last few years and made other offenses a little more predictable.

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