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My day at FedEx...


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Im a week late with this, but here it is anyway:

I happen to have won the Washington Post Dream Job contest (yes, people actually win).

I live in Massachusetts, so we flew down into Baltimore that morning. Amtrak'd to New Carrollton, Metro'd to Landover and shuttled to FedEx.

This was my first trip to FedEx and I was estatic.


We got a tour of the media rooms and few other things. Then we got to hang on the sidelines while the players warmed up.

Then off to our seats, first row goal line.

It just so happens most of the action ended up on the opposite side of the field. But we did get to see Portis' TD up close:


Plus we were so far down the cheerleaders' pompoms were usually in the way. Not really too much to complain about here. BTW, pictures and TV do not do these girls justice. They look way better live.

Here's the bummer of the day. We had no idea how long it was going to take to get out of there, shuttle back to the metro and metro to New Carrollton to catch our train back to the airport.

So we ended up leaving after the Skins FG at the 2:00 warning. The Jags tied while we were on the shuttle *sigh*, going into OT.

Guys on the shuttle had their ears glued to their cells waiting for updates, Skins won the coin toss, 3 plays later Moss caught the 68 yarder. We instantly went into a Hail to the Redskins chorus.

So even though we missed the fantastic ending, the whole day and game were incredible.

As it happens, we would have been in plenty of time for the train and could have seen The Greatest Overtime Play in the History of the NFL , especially since our plane ended up being 30 minutes late. But what can ya do?

I dont know who else sees the Skins away, but let me tell you, there is nothing that compares to FedEx and the fans.

Ive seen the Saints at the SuperDome (pre-katrina obviously), Skins @ Giants 3 times (including today ... boo! .. which I'll get to in another post), Redskins @ Patriots this past pre-season and Patriots @ Buffalo. Not a single one of these crowds came close to what we have in FedEx.

It is by far my favorite football outing.

I have a few more pics up if you want to peruse:


I may have to set up an annual trip down there. :helmet: :logo: :point2sky

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RedskinsFan72........I saw you in the restroom at the New Carrollton station (remember your shirt).......hope that didn't sound gay or anything :laugh: I remember you saying how bummed you were that you had to leave early.

Thanks for the post.......especially after how this week went!

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Did you get any autographs? j/k

Unfortunately, no. That was one of the first things I asked. The guy leading us around was very specific about not trying to talk to any of the players or coaches. Since I had no intention of messing things up I didnt try.

Although if you see the pic of Vinny (who moved right when I snapped the pic, which is why he's off-center), I had just asked him to do a kung-fu pose for the pic.

Despite all the high pitched laughter you hear from him during interviews, his sense of humor isnt quite what you think it would be.

The look I got in response was definitely not one of amusement.

I took the pic, then made myself scarce, and ran to the other end of the field.

I was a bit disappointed Gibbs wasnt out there during pregame so I could get a closeup. But i suppose he had other things going on.

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