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A temporary sig for this week **EDIT** For Lavar!


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Please don't merge, it is just an option (like the anti-Brunell was).

Here is a sig for the weekend if you are sick of "Mr. Nickles" crap.

I am going to go dig my #56 jersey out of my cat's litter box and cut the name off of it...


Here is the link to make it easier to put in your sig if you would like:


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best thing we can do is make sure everyone boo's him on his return to FedEx.

Yep. His pea brain has allowed him to think he's still cool with the fans here. Far from the truth.

Funny, you'd have thought he figured out how passionate the fans are here by, oh, you know, playing here for six years....

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You people have too much time on ya'll hands...who cares what Lavar says or what Lindsey and Springs says?

The only thing that should matter is that we BEAT THE GIANTS. Lavar is one person. The Skins are playing the GIANTS.

What else are we suppose to do in between games, work?

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