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Does ANYONE have a pic associated with 1999 Eagle draft booing McNabb?

Die Hard

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frerotte.giffrerotte.gifDo I have to explain this to you all again, that was a couple fans at the draft, they don't represent all of us. Is that the best you can come up with.

So what you're all basically saying is that none of you, not a single one of ya, has ever been upset, or disagreed with a draft pick made by your team? That is the biggest BS. The fact that you all think you are so innocent of getting mad at your teams personnel decisions is an exact description of this MB. Everyone does all the bad things now and then, but pretends they are perfect, and all-knowing. I guess every single fan was excited to hear thaat you picked up Tony Banks, and you were all excited when he started his first few games, you never voiced your opinion against the organizations moves. Oh NO, you are all to perfect to do that. It was just unfortunate that those few were theere and acted like that.

You see our fans in Philly, are by far, without a doubt, the most passionate fans, and the loudest fans in the NFL, and if you come to the game youu will see.

So if a cop lets say in Washington kills an innocent person, does that mean that every single cop in Washington is horrible, no.

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I've got a few friends who are Iggles fans, and of them, only one wanted McNabb. The rest were supremely ticked off that they passed on Williams.

While a few fans can misrepresent the intentions of most of a team's followers, the guys who booed Donovan at the draft represented the majority of Philly fans at the time... historical revisionism notwithstanding.


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