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The Little Things...(NFC East Comparison)


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I think that we all agree that this year, the NFC East will be super tough. The division race will be harder (and closer) than it has been in several years. NO TEAM has an absolute, clear-cut, super-dominate advantage over the others. Everybody has a decent shot.

Therefore, I think that the "little things" will play a more important role than ever. By this , I mean:

(A) Pre-game planning

(B) Pregame motivation (and halftime "pep" talks)

© Adjustments made (during the game)

(D) Player's belief in the coaches (and in the system)

(E) Strategy (out-guessing the opponent) (disguising your true intentions) (isolating the defenders) (etc)

(F) Play-calling

(G) Coaching (experience, responsibility, freedom to control your domain, etc)

(H) Replacments (if you lose a player, does the team immediately go out "on the market" and replace him with the very best that is still out there?)

(I) other stuff (in case I missed something...)

To this end, I'm creating a poll.

Which oranization do you feel is superior in "the little things"?

Take all these factors into consideration AS A WHOLE....

Feel free to discuss the "little things" individually. Discuss which organization has the better head coach, or which has the best strategisers, or which team has the better coaching staff, or play-calling, or whatever. The discussion is wide open.

But when you vote, consider all things together as as whole and cast your vote for that organization.

*NOTE-- This is a multiple choice poll. You can vote for MORE than one team.

This will be a private poll and no one will see how you voted:

We've discussed just about everything but this (during this offseason).

I think that all 4 organizations have been been together long enough to have made some judgements about them. We have no new head coaches, no new starting QBs, no massive staff turnovers, etc.

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Good lord. Do you really believe that any Skins fan will vote against Joe Gibbs when it comes to the 'little things'? The man is the master of the halftime adjustment and other 'little things'.

Why don't you answer this: which Superbowl-winning team(s) WEREN'T good at the 'little things'? Can you overcome a fragmented locker room? A hated coach? A lack of depth?

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All the coaches in this league are great coaches. I recall reading an article a year or two ago that forsaw the greatness of this division coming back in full because of the great coaches. All the teams are very disciplined, and do the little things great.. Unfortunately for the rest, we have the best talent. :silly:

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Not being a homer, I would say the Eagles from their success over the last couple of years. However I still think the Eagles are the weakest team in the division because they are the least talented and have too many questions.

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Yea, its hard to say Gibbs isn't the best at all the little things, but I am being homerish...though, I will say this. Joe Gibbs is the best coach in the history of the NFL at halftime adjustments. Hands down numero uno.

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