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The other day, I was checking out some videos on YouTube about the Skins. Then I came across this gem:


Remember that? What a great song. Amazing Commercial. :notworthy

Too bad Arrington and Coles are gone. And who the hell is Kevin Jones?

Over 600 cars, trucks, suvs; are you listening man?!?!

Ill never ever forget that line.

Anyways, anyone ever get a car from there?


Another video:


Damn Haywood, you gotta man up. You dont "slap" someone and than back off.

That **** was hilarious last year.

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I have never been able to figure out how such an apparently small-time car dealership is able to get big-time sports celebrities to do commercials for them. Does someone with connections own that place? Or do they really pay that much that otherwise very wealthy people are willing to take the time to do this?

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Easterns is one of those places that caters to folks with bad credit and

charges them 20% rates for used cars....that is how they can afford to

hire these guys. They also have the WORST reputation out there for used

cars....bad salesman...selling cars with hidden problems...etc, etc. They

are basically your local corner "we finance everyone" lot taken to a larger

level. Do a quick search on "Easter Motors Complaints"...it is an eye

openner. P.S. they are not small at all, they have several large

locations in MD and VA.

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Kevin Jones was a 1st round draft pick of the Detroit Lions and played for Virginia Tech from 2001-2003

Damn good RB in a horrible system up there

Thanks man. Yeah I wiki'd him, sounds really good.

Easterns gets everyone famous from around the area. A free Lambo for 10minutes of work. Hell yeah I'd do it.

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