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Best Anniversary Gift


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The first wedding anniversary is said to be either "paper" for classic or "clocks" for contemporary. So when it came time to getting a gift for my wife, I thought I would wow her with tickets to Bill Engvall in November as the Paper and a watch for the Clock. I was really proud of myself.

I came home tonight and my wife just went with paper .... and what a wonderful wife she is.

She got Joe Gibbs to autograph a press photo of himself running out onto the field and it says Brian, Happy 1st Anniversary and was signed by him. I couldn't believe it at first, but my wife showed me the enevelope from Redskins Park and the signature is the same as those of items that I have had Joe sign for me in the past. I was completely speechless! I will try and get a pic of this downloaded and attached at some point.

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