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The Eagles of Death Metal say something about DC...


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confusing title i'm sure. let me explain,


this band rules and is a sort of side project of Josh Homme (queens of the stone age) and really just is a really fun and great rock band. it's sort of tongue-in-cheek ridiculous, but they really are tight and have a really awesome groove.

anyway, i saw them tonight at the Black Cat in DC and Jesse "the devil" Hughes basically told everyone that the previous night they had played in Philly, and that "seriously, every time we play the black cat... wow...... you guys f****** kicked philly's ***!!!!" and everyone went absolutely nuts. it ruled. :eaglesuck

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Last night's concert was SO sick. I had a blast... I was right in front of Jesse, one person (my friend) back. Lot's of drunken a-holes there though... most of 'em got theirs though.

I stole Dave Catching's capo off his guitar when he gave it to the crowd for 15 seconds, that was a pretty good snatch. Jesse gave my friend his sweat towel :puke: . Seriously stunk up the car beyond belief all the way home.


My pics are under "EODM" there.

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