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Need a Redskin name for my new puppy - UPDATED with pics


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In about 5 weeks I will become the mom of a female toy fox terrier. Now I know from reading the one thread that my search turned up that the men of ES like the big, manly type of dogs but I am a woman so I can have a woman's dog (I also have a jack russell terrier and siberian husky).

From my research I've learned that fox terriers are intelligent, loyal, quick and think they are big dogs. They also have the terrier trait of intimidation (should be quite the show down between her and my jack russell).

Anyway, I'd like to give this little girl a Redskin related name but I'm not very creative. The only thing I've come up with so far is Smurf but only a true Redskin fan would get that connection.

One thing I've noticed in my four months of reading the posts on here is that the ES community is a very creative one so I'm hoping you can give me some ideas.

Thanks and HTTR

UPDATED April 22, 2006

Here are a couple of pics:



I haven't decided on a name yet but my short list (in no particular order) includes:








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First two that come to mind are Marlene...Cookes ex wife, she was a mess, and Tanya, Snyders wifes name..you may want more"football" type names...I'll keep thinking on those....:D

A few last names of players that might work... Campbell,Jansen,Taylor...

How bout Sonny as in Sonny Jurgensen or maye GIBBY?...Bugg's?

Def harder since its a girl...

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