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Glenn Davis is the Next Charles Barkley


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glen davis is the next oliver miller, or tractor traylor lol

Yeah either one take your pick. Big Baby has some skills, but hopefully he'll stay in school and refine them. He really has no post game or footwork to speak of. Charles Barkley at Auburn was doing the same thing in college as the NBA, snagging rebounds, dribbling up court like a guard, and dunking on someone. I doubt Baby has those skills; IMO he's really just phyically bigger than anyone in college, but does have enough athleticism to standout a little.

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Glen Davis has plenty of footwork. Obivously you haven't seen him play that much this year. His main problem is a lack of a vertical game. Candace Parker probably dunks more than him. He can dunk but it is alot tougher for him to dunk than most think. He needs to slim down some and add some muscle and become a little bit more athletic. He probably won't amount to too much in the NBA, but he should make it, and yes he should stay at least one more year. So should Tyrus Thomas, which probably won't happen.

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