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That's a pretty funny site..did y'all see this too? Good stuff!

LaVar Arrington Thinks He’d Be Great Fit With Whoever Is Highest Bidder

MIAMI--Free agent linebacker LaVar Arrington said he thinks he’d be a “great fit” for whichever team pays him the most money. Right now the race is between Miami, Cincinnati, and Jacksonville, all of whom are said to be balking at Arrington’s asking price. In the end, he’ll sell himself to the highest bidder.

“I’m definitely intrigued by, and really like the scheme of, whichever team offers me the most money,” Arrington told reporters yesterday. “It will come down to a race between whoever showers me with the most riches. There are a lot of factors to consider when signing with a new team, such as the signing bonus, the amount of guaranteed money, and bonus incentives. So I’m weighing my options. But let me reiterate once again to all potential suitors: You could do a lot worse than offer me the most money. Have I made myself clear?”

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