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Apparently, Roy Williams is the fastest player in the NFL!


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How are we suppose to read this. Why dont you post his/her/its statement in quote form?

My bad. Here you go.


Originally Posted by Gamebreaker

Well if a defender is fast enough, unlike Roy, he won't have to reach out and grab hold of the back of the jersey in desperation. Considering how many serious injuries resulting from the move, it's completely reasonable to since many players still did and got away with it last season.


Are you kidding? Roy is one of the fastest player in the NFL. He's faster than any crappy Redskin out there.

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Here is something that you must consider when talking about Dallas fans. The stats I am about to give you come from my TX politics textbook and are not BS comments meant to knock cowboy fans just because they are cowboy fans, rather they apply to texans in general.

1 in 30 texans has an IQ lower than 70.

1 in 1000 texans is considered severely mentally retarded (IQ less than 30).

That is why I am never surprised to see a dumb comment in 1 of every 30 posts from Cowboy fans.

What is great is that this is about all I remember from this stupid TX politics class. F--- Texas!

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