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Send an Email to Wash Post (Jason La Confora)...


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For all those who are p#$$ed of with Jason La Confora's shoddy reporting on Sean Taylor's non-absence ..let him know about it.

Go to the article with this link


Then click on the name of Jason La Confora at the begginining of the article - it will prompt you to type and send an email to Jason La Confora.

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What is your problem with it?

I have been very surprised at the uproar over this one as well. There are many (MANY!) things that the Post does that give me heartburn in their reporting on the Skins, but quoting the guy's lawyer is not one of them. I think its reasonable to believe that Taylor's lawyer would know of Taylor's plans (if he was going to talk about them publicly). If anyone should be embarrassed, its Taylor's lawyer who was apparently completely in the dark about his client's plans.

Now ... if Taylor's lawyer had refused to be quoted publicly, but La Canfora still went forward with the story based on a single anonymous source, then I would have had more problems with it. As it is, he had a reasonable basis for running the story he ran. The attorney was wrong. That's where the blame should lie. And going forward, LaCanfora should not rely upon him anymore, based on his track record, without outside confirmation. If this happened again, based on the same sourcing, then I would not defend LaCanfora the next time around.

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I posted this in the Andyman thread but thought it was appropriate here also.

I wrote:


I'm not sure what is the issue but it seems the reporting on the redskins is not realiable these days. I had to let many fellow fans today at work know that (corrected for grammer) Sean Taylor was at the Park and the article was not entirely correct. I know what the lawyer told you but he is obviously not speaking for what is true and real. Anyway, since the Post is the prominent source for most of our information I'm just hoping you can help get the information more accurate."

Jason wrote:

"Hello Ken, thanks for writing. Sean was supposed to be meeting with his lawyers in Miami this morning, and flew here instead. At the time I wrote the story, it was as accurate as possible and Sean's entire legal team expected him to be down there leading up the trial.

Obviously, things changed this morning, and I wish there was some way I could have accounted for it, but these are optional workouts and at the time those paid to speak for Sean were adamant that he would be in Florida and not Ashburn.

Thanks again for taking the time to write.


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