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Single Ticket for Elite 8 game sunday at Verizon Center


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WOW...I thought I had purchased a ticket to go see Mason play at the Verizon Ctr for a chance to go to the Final Four and then I get this message.

I regret to inform you that I no longer have possession of the ticket for Sunday's game. My friend sold me his extra ticket on monday. I bought it as a back up plan, in case i was unable to secure a seat in the student section. I decided to camp out for 23 hours to get a ticket from the student allotment. No longer needing the ticket, I decided to sell it here, knowing that students from my school would only want to go if mason won, and I didnt want to wait till after the game had they lost. Turns out that after going to the game last night, my friend's ticket, the same seat for the ticket on sunday, was not working on the scanner for admittance. The verizon center people said that they made a mistake with the purchase of the ticket, and sold two of the same seat. So my friend, who is a wizards season ticket holder, and thus was able to obtain these tickets, has to go and get a replacement ticket from the box office. This leaves me with a useless ticket. Unfortunately, he is going to get the ticket early sunday, and now that his seats have been seperated because of the mishap, has decided to sell the ticket to a fellow student. I'm very sorry about this unfortunate situation. There was nothing I could do. I hope you get this message in time to not ruin your plans for the day. Again, I apologize.

Anyone care to raise the BS flag? Since I own Wizards and Caps tickets through my company I will call my account rep on Monday morning to find out how plausible this BS is. Especially since I have the seat # ....I think that ad should have said.........ticket available..unless Mason wins. Some people.

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You know I think thats called a private message for a reason. He will admit he is wrong if he calls the verizon center with the seat number and explains the situation, and they will tell him it is his true. I have dealt with other people on this board regarding tickets, and always had a smooth transaction.

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