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CB Ricky Manning is a free agent...


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I'm surprised no one has gone after him. He kind of disappeared after his rookie season. TSN.ca gives him a 71.0 rating. He's only 25 as well, he is somewhat undersized though...


Excellent athlete and man defender. Has great footwork and can turn on a dime. Has some catch up speed. Anticipates well and will get a good jump on the ball. Plays bigger than his size and will step up in run support. Tackles well for a small man.


Undersized, and not an outstanding leaper. Will gamble and guess wrong at times. Not a bump-and-run defender. Can get rubbed off his receiver going across the middle.

Career potential

Solid starter with upside.

EDIT: He's an RFA, I missed it when I first made this topic.

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"Manning bobbles the snap, Manning goes deep to Plexico Buress, Manning intercepts it! Manning is going for the tackle but Sean Taylor levels him! Manning scores a touchdown! Manning seems to be injured, this must not be good. Manning is celebrating his touchdown. Manning is on the floor crying. Hey look Archie Manning is on the field screaming at Sean Taylor. TAYLOR LEVELS MANNING!!!"

The announcers will have a field day with that one. He's young and could be bred into a star, if he comes cheap, why not.

I thought we were going after a weak side linebacker first.

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We'll probably grab a nickel corner out of free agency and then draft a WLB. Could be the other way around, though.


Ricky Manning is still on the Carolina roster, so he must be a RFA.

If they tendered him $712k, and they decided not to match our offer, they would be entitled to a 3rd round draft pick. The trouble is the Skins no longer have a 3rd round draft pick. So scratch this idea. :rubeyes:

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