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An Extreme Journey: Part I


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Henry, I remember that old thread as if it was up just yesterday, and still stand by my words. Thanks for bringing that one up.

How time does fly when your havin fun.

The "Bard" lives

Norve Turned is dead

And I miss getting flerted with since Candy went away.


Great read OM :notworthy

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Why? Because I watched as people who brought even semi-weak arguments, or even semi-faulty knowledge, or even just plain semi-stupidity to the board, were exposed by the group. Quickly and efficiently. Not with name-calling or rudeness, mind you, but with informed, articulate, concise and witheringly on-point counter-arguments that left the unsuspecting semi-offender a smoking pile of goo.

To Be Continued ...


GOOD!!!! "......informed, articulate...." Keep this in mind! :applause:

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As usual, Om, you’ve provided us with a lovely, lyrical piece. I’m envious of your ability to share your unique perspective on a situation while still appealing to the collective consciousness of the board. You’ve got the gift, man, and I feel fortunate that you’ve decided to share it with this motley group of fools. Cheers. :cheers:

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