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This sucks that LA is gone


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Yes he has been injured, and has had contract issues with the team. This thread is not about why he left of how this is just to react on it. Personally I think this is a mistake. I agree he was not worth the number we set for him, his deal was way to high. Our defense without him was good, but with him in there it was great.

He showed in the playoffs how much of a force he can be, and how he can help our D. It is going to be interesting to see who replaces him. LA was a fan favorite and I would guess many on this board have his jersey, including me. I still believe he is one of the best defensive players in the league and with the uncertainty surrounding Sean Taylor this is might bite us in the end.

Good luck LA where ever you go and pray it is in the AFC.

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I'm not merging. If you're lazy butt wants to have this post in the ongoing, large discussion on this exact issue, you can type it in yourself. There's a LOT of conversation on this board about how crazy it gets at times like this and a lot of heat is given to newbies. But, the REAL problem is our vets who refuse to set the example themselves. JUST LIKE THIS THREAD is an indication of.

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