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Here is the Redskins (Gibbs) almost perfect #2 WR


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The guy name is Sam Hurd from Northen Illinois

Height: 6'4 Weight: 194

Sam Hurd is really starting to emerge this year at Northern Illinois. He brings a lot of great physical aspects to the game, and has some of the best hands in college football. He is a smart player who runs crisp routes. He can out muscle players on a jump ball, and can break tackles. One thing I really love about his game is that he might be one of the best blocking receivers in the country. He is never afraid to sacrifice his body to throw down a block to spring a running back free. Hurd really does not have much speed, and doesn't get a great burst off the line. He also isn't an elusive open field player. His overall open field speed could drag down his draft stock a bit. He also should add some more bulk to compliment his great physical game. He is playing against weak defenses of the MAC which could hurt his draft stock. I think Hurd will go somewhere in the fifth round in the 2006 draft.


• Has a great physical style of receiving

• Is a smart player who runs precise routes

• Has great hands

• Terrific run blocker


• Doesn't really have good speed and quickness

• Not very elusive with the ball

• Plays against weak competition

Comments anyone?

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The problem is you need some semblance or speed/quickness to start at WR in the NFL, even if you are a possesion receiver. We need someone who can start right away.

And a 6'4" frame with just 194 lbs. on it will not cut it

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That guy won't work with Brunell. Without the speed and quickness to gain separation, Brunell won't be able to fit the ball in against a defender. The Skins are better served getting another guy with Moss like attributes, than a big possession reciever that needs a QB who can wing it...

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All I hear from different sites is this guy finds a way to get open and catches everything thrown to him. I don't know about you but the Redskins could use someone like that. Also I'm only talking about a 4th to 6th round pick.

  • This is a player at the wide receiver position that catches everything thrown his way
  • He has an excellent pair of hands, along with good eye-hand coordination, and the concentration on catching the ball I have not seen in some time, he really takes pride in catching everything thrown his way, who runs crisp precise route patterns
  • He is not a overwhelming athletic presence on the field, but he has good height, better than average athlete, and has the knack for finding open spaces in a defense for his quarterback to find him
  • He is a receiver that may not be great at any one thing but has the overall skill set to become a outstanding second receiver on the next level
  • I am anxious to see more evaluation time on this player, I like his all out approach to the game

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