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Anybody play Sid Meier's Pirates on Xbox? Or other recommendations for a game?

The Evil Genius

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Did Fable - loved it but it was too short. Same for Gun. Although Gun wasn't as enjoyable as Fable.

Resident Evil IV is a definite recommend for those who have PS2 or Gamecubes. If you have both, buy the Gamecube version since the lighting is better and the video card on the Gamecube is much better.

I borrowed KOTOR II from a friend but since I only thought KOTOR was so/so - I keep putting it off.

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I thought KOTOR 2 was a huge mess. The story twist went no where and the gameplay seemed boring the second time around. It's too bad because i love the first one.

If you like WW2 shooter, you should try Brothers in Arms, amazing game except the visual might seem a little dated.

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