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I have got to believe that Darrell is a first ballot guy. But at one time I felt that way about Monk and we all know how that has gone. I think Darrell will still get in, the way the game has evloved hurt Monk because the recievers have had inflated numbers for a number of years and I think that tarnished Monk's achievements in the eyes of the "all-knowing media"... There hasn't been any such problem on the defensive side of the ball, other than to use the term "shut-down corner" too loosely. Darrell was a shut-down corner at a time when the term wasn't thrown around so much. I hope he gets in on the first shot because he deserves it.

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I had heard Mnk wasn't media friendly. Is that what might be hurting him?

I think Art Monk might've said about six words in his entire career. Which was why I loved him. He didn't run his mouth, never showboated or anything like that. He just went out and made clutch catches every game and let his performance speak for itself.

Does the HOF reward charisma, or does it reward character and performance?

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slinging sammy i believe that king does not like monk because he caused the giants no real problem when king was the sports reporter for some paper


King doesn't like Monk because he has no concept of what a truely great football man is made of...oh, and he's a pathetic piece of crap who has never played a down in his life. ;)

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I have a feeling Deon will make it in before D.G., and as far as monk and grimm there's no telling. Pretty soon the excuses will be "well the Redskins have never really had great players just a good coach and he's already in the HOF so that's that"...

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