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The Arrow in FedEx.


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Its been discussed! Its also in the Extremeskins logo. Click the link and read more about it.

It is strange though isn't it? ;)

EDIT: Friggin PCS! Just because you have a faster computer then me doesn't mean you have to show me up like that! :laugh: :cheers:

What? I just.. there I was..my computer ........ :halo: ;)

All I fell stupid, once again the search option was needed. :doh: :doh:

Edit: Did not even reconize the arrow in extreme skins.

Fell free to close.

No worries. :laugh: Not exactly a hot button topic.

And um.......

I didn't know about that arrow in Extreme either. ;)

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There is also an arrow in the name FredEx which shows you how fast a career can go down the tubes in then NFL. :whoknows:

Hey he tride to deliver his mouthh to the star QB so he got cut. He just plained robbed Brett Farve I will never forget that play. F Fredex and the Packers Deefense that year :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

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