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All-star challenge (draft prospects)

Brother Redskin

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I cant stand the skills challange. Their making it look like everybody likes each other....its retarded. Like the Texas kick just ran up screaming "YAAAAAAHHH" and hugged Vince Young. It looked like Vince Young was gonna puke. Then they are telling people like Chad Jackson to act like they hurt their finger...

The skills are fun to watch. But the stuff the media is making them do is retarded.

Yeah he's looking like he's upped his stock. Chad Jackson looked really good in the hands drill ... did you see that one handed catch? Nice.

Scouts dont really look at that just to let you know:silly:

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And Croyle beat him in the distance throw.

Vince Young looked anything but impressive.

But, it's still just a meaningless made for ESPN event.

I was giving him a hard time because Drew is a projected second day pick and looked good. Not to mention he's a Bruin, so that always helps.

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