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Q&A with Pervez Musharaff


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Good stuff, but take it with a grain of salt

Musharaff Speaks

A few excerpts

Do you think President Bush has the right goal -- to eliminate al Qaeda?

The goal is correct, but it's limited because military action is not an end in itself. One must remember this. Military action buys you time to utilize all other instruments to get to the core issues which are spawning terrorism. If we cannot see beyond terrorism, we will never succeed. . . . Having bought this time -- what is the overall strategy?

We must deal with extremism. . . . Extremism spawns terrorism. Is the United States thinking of addressing extremism? We don't even understand what extremism is. We always confuse terrorism and extremism. Terrorism is one thing, extremism is another. Each needs a totally different strategy.

What is that strategy?

I have given the idea of enlightened moderation where the Islamic world combines to reject terrorism and extremism and goes on the social and economic path. . . . Every Muslim country should see what its environment is and act accordingly. We have adopted a strategy against extremism: (1) All these banned organizations: Don't let them reemerge, get hold of all their leaders. We are doing that. (2) Misuse of loudspeakers in mosques to spread hatred and militancy: Stop it. We are doing that. (3) Publications and hate material inciting people to militancy: Ban it, get hold of printers, publishers, distributors. We are doing that. (4) Syllabus and curriculum in our schools which have led to sectarian disharmony [and] religious misunderstanding: Redo the syllabus where the real essence of Islam -- which deals more with responsibilities to the nation and the family -- is taught. (5) Reform the madrassas and mainstream the students.

We are the only country in the world that has adopted a strategy on how to combat terrorism and extremism.

The U.S. has failed to understand the need to use more than military might?

The military is not the ultimate answer -- you can kill people, [but] you are not going to achieve anything. People think "Get Osama bin Laden and Zawahiri." You get Osama and Zawahiri, okay, you kill them tomorrow, I can assure you [that] you will have achieved nothing. Let it be very clear.

Because the real problems won't have been addressed?

Of course. For heaven's sake, let's not be shortsighted. These two people mean nothing. Do you think the man sitting in these inaccessible mountains is commanding what to do in Spain and London? You are sadly mistaken. . . . There is no milk and honey flowing after you get these two people.

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Take everything Musharff with a big grain of salt. This man is a huge liar which India has exposed time and time again. When he was shaking our hand before kargil he at the same time was instructing insurgents to move into Kargil. Because of that we will never trust his ass ever again and will punish Pakistan if they ever try anything liek that again.

Economically speaking the countries are two very different beasts. India is booming while Pakistan is slowly crumbling away.

Its amazing that whatever Musharaff says the American public just eats it up. The Taliban were not Afgahns but Pakistanis. On top India is observing how many Terrorist camps stille exist in pakistan today. We don't believe anything he says because he is a big fat liar whose time on this earth is on a short lease from the ruling Mullahs in the Northwest frontier where Mr. Bin laden and his cohorts are safe due to the protection of the Pakistani ISI (CIA).

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